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    Micro deep drawing

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    Advanced machinery

    Europe's most advanced precision deep drawing.
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    We listen to you

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    Projects in all industries

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Based in the Netherlands

Mubion is your top choice for custom designed, high precision deep drawn parts. We gladly serve various niche sectors in Europe.

An answer within 24 hours

At Mubion we respond to every question. No exceptions made. And if we don't have the right solution, we will always try to help you further.

Inventive in finding solutions

We are strong in making small and complex products. When projects are getting difficult we are at our best. Challenge us with your problems.

ISO 13485 certified quality system

We strive to provide high quality and service. In support of this, we are ISO 13485 certified. A download link can be found in the footer of this page.
  • Who is Mubion?
  • Who is Mubion?

    At our office based in Neede, The Netherlands, we continually strive to make small even smaller. Making an impact with our expertise and perseverance is what we like most.

    Mubion is a supplier of micro deep drawn products. We closely cooperate with our founders at Trios BV, which has a rich background in deep drawing, precision techniques and engineering. Together we have all the competences to design, engineer and produce products towards the limits of what is physically possible. We are capable of creating parts from sheets of 400 micron down to 20 micron, and diameters down to 0.3mm.

    At Mubion we present opportunities that your business can use to get that extra step ahead. Expand your businesses’ reach by utilizing our expertise in cost effective small part manufacturing.

  • What is micro deep drawing?
  • What is micro deep drawing?

    As everything is getting smaller, the need arises for Micro Deep Drawing. Forming small products out of metal foil with a thickness from 0,4mm down to 0,02mm. A product with high accuracy, but low expenses.

    Deep drawing is a process in which a sheet metal blank is radially drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch. The material will deform, with the advantage that the overall wall thickness will stay the same. With this process it is possible to create different kinds of 3 dimensional shapes out of different kinds of metal. Depending on the complexity of the product one or more deep drawing steps are needed.(More details about deep drawing)

  • Why choose us?
  • Why choose us?

    Deep drawing is a low cost solution with more possibilities than most assume at first. In many cases micro deep drawing can be a perfect substitute for micro turning, Micro bending, micro milling, spinning or forcing. Especially with our strength in deep drawing small quantities

    At Mubion we are able to assist. We take that step back to the drawing board and start thinking in functionalities. A wide and thorough knowledge of precision techniques helps us picking the best methods and combine these in practice. Our strength is that we continually challenge ourselves to find solutions that helps our customers reach their goals.
  • The Mubion office

    Our office is located at the east of the Netherlands, near the German border. We focus on developing and producing, custom designed, high precision deep drawn parts. We help customers in various high demanding sectors, most of them based in Europe.

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The keys of micro deep drawing

1: Deep drawing, smart and efficient

Combining round, rectangle and other shapes in high repetition makes deep drawing distinguish itself from other conventional techniques like turning and milling. Also the low waste during production differentiates deep drawing from other techniques.

2: Precision, batch over batch

Deepdrawing is very suitable for consistent, high precision production series. Producing equal products batch over batch within microns accuracy makes deep drawing perfectly suitable for parts which need the best tolerances and highest quality.

3: Low volumes and secondary operations

Micro deep drawing has several advantages over other techniques. It is not only suitable for big volumes, but also small quantities can be made at low costs. Secondary operations can easily be added to the deep drawing process like punches, flanges or slots.

4: No more after treatments

Most metals can be used for deep drawing, like steel, brass, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Next to this, materials harden themselves during the process. No after treatments necessary.

A wide range of deep drawn products

Below is a wide range of products which lies in our capabilities. Our deep drawing parts are being used in different fields of industry. With disposables for medical purposes like Ophthalmic, Endodontics and Cardiovascular applications and other medical areas like Optical and Hearing equipment. Mubion is focussed on supplying micro deep drawn components from 400um till 20um, with a diameter from 5mm till 0.2mm. Nozzles, cannulas, crimpables, caps, housings, tubes and sensors are just an indication of what can be made.

Request samples
  • Deep Drawing rectangular
  • Deep Drawing holes and slots
  • Deep Drawing tube
  • Reverse Deep Drawing
  • Deep Drawing pentagonal and hexagonal
  • Deep Drawing capillaire
  • Deep Drawing cap
  • Deep Drawing round to square
  • Deep Drawing cover housing
  • Deep Drawing cannula
  • Deep Drawing cap
  • Deep Drawing trocar
  • Deep Drawing housing
  • Deep Drawing catheter
  • Deep Drawing perforated grid filter
  • Dieptrekken vierkant
  • Dieptrekken gaten en sleuven
  • Dieptrekken buis
  • Stulptrekken
  • Dieptrekken hexagonaal
  • Dieptrekken lange buis
  • Dieptrekken kap
  • Dieptrekken rond naar vierkant
  • Dieptrekken behuizing cover
  • Dieptrekken cannula
  • Dieptrekken behuizing deksel
  • Dieptrekken trocar
  • Dieptrekken behuizing
  • Dieptrekken katheter
  • Dieptrekken geperforeerde deksel
  • Tiefziehen viereckig
  • Tiefziehen loch
  • Tiefziehen rohr
  • Glockenziehen
  • Tiefziehen sechseckig
  • Tiefziehen Kapillare
  • Tiefziehen kappe
  • Tiefziehen rund nach viereckig
  • Tiefziehen deckel Gehäuse
  • Tiefziehen Kanüle
  • Tiefziehen Kappe Gehäuse
  • Tiefziehen katheter
  • Tiefziehen gehäuse
  • Tiefziehen Trokar
  • Tiefziehen perforiert folien

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